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President xWBxWARRIOR


xWBxWARRIOR is an OG Wickedboy. He was a loyal operations leader under original xWBx founding leader HeavyGunner. After years of serving with HeavyGunner, Warrior was given the blessing to open up a MC chapter on GTA.  WBMC Established on 11/23/13. xWBxWARRIOR is true Wickedboy to the core. After the passing of xWBx Leader HeavyGunner, Warrior was left in charge.He believes all xWBx members are family. He handles all matters as a whole and values his fellow members input. He is strategic and calculated in all MC matters.

Vice President xWBx NOPHEAR


NOPHEAR is the blood brother of Wickedboyz Leader WARRIOR. NOPHEAR is an OG wickedboy , joining a few months after his brother, Serious, deadly and loyal are just a few words to sum up the VP. NOPHEAR has never been much for the spot light or titles. More interested in getting the job done and getting it right.  Even thou he is just the VP, many believe he plays a much bigger role in the influence of the leaders discussions.  He has access to heavy armory and is a technical expert.

Enforcer DirkDiggler84


DIrkDiggler is a survivor and true wickedboy. It has been said when dirk was a baby his first baby steps were to go touch a bike. Dirk started riding young and was in a near death accident when struck by a hit and run drunk. Nearly losing his life and both legs. Diggler still rides today with two prosthetic legs and 1 lung. He may be missing parts but has more heart than any other member. He is loyal and fearless.

Road Captain DaveGravy16


Not much is known about Dave. He joined up with WBMC back in 2014. The Captain has a no non-sense character. Dave stays focus on task at hand and does not stop until it is completed. Dave has been loyal to WBMC and has proven so many times.  Dave is true wickedboy blood in. blood out.

The captain usually shows up to church after the president gives his report. They have an on going debate regarding it. The pres is convinced someone is giving gravy the heads up when the pres is done speaking.

Enforcer xWBx Ganana


Ganana is the right hand man to the President of the club. Ganana is young, smart and eager to move up in leadership. He is a man that acts on his emotions. He has a big heart and a bigger appetite for revenge to does that harm any wickedboyz. Ganana shows a lot of promise and will play a large role in the future of the club.

Enforcer ZZRZ


ZZRZ is Young. Arrogant and Deadly. Born and raised in the street life, he knows how to hold is own. ZZRZ has not earned his TRUE patch yet but has shown nothing but complete loyalty to the club. Some members know him as the cut collector. Watch your back because if he kills you, your cut becomes his,